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Hi Guys!

Have been browsing for some photo dog contests and have found this one.

Contest Life

You know, may be it is a chance to win something or just for having fun and check how popular the picture or video with your doggy can be!
I can just wish you good luck!

I believe I will also take part just need to find something special and interesting with my beloved dog Gerda.

…Oh! I have a lot! It will be hard to decide :-)

Third “Layer” - the specific character and temperament of the future owner of the dog.

Of course, a person often chooses a dog “to himself”, and not always consciously. Again – people who suppress an aggression are impulsive and would rather choose an aggressive dog breed. Those who are in the need of protection and care, probably will choose a good-natured St. Bernard, Labrador or Newfoundland. Those who are secretly seeking power, domination and absolute obedience, most likely will choose among the breeds, which are well-known for their high discipline and obedience (including German Shepherd, as one of the best trained and leader-oriented breeds or Belgian Malinois rather popular dog breed now both among ordinary dog owners and professional trainers).

To avoid any misunderstanding I should mention that, of course, not everyone who owns German Shepherd wants to dominate, but those who seek that, most likely, will keep such dog breed or at least not less “obedient” one.

In addition to motivation, of course, an important role plays the situation – “here and now”, i.e. under what circumstances the final decision concerning the dog breed was made.

1) The emotional factor – for example, you saw a puppy at the market and could not resist the temptation to buy it.

2) The factor of dog breed availability – when you have already made a decision to buy a pup “right now”, but the breeds that are available are not that you need but so cute and the salesman tells you that this breed is also very good and resembles the one you wanted. You are touched buy those adorable eyes and have nothing but to buy that lovely little creature.

3) The “surprise” factor – when the final decision was made by another person – by parents, spouse, friends etc. They know which breed you like in general, they know that you’re going to buy a puppy. Thus decided to make you a surprise birthday present. Perhaps due to inexperience they have confused Sheltie with Collie or English Setter with an Irish Setter, but what can we do now?!

4) The “ideal choice” factor  – the choice is made, puppies are available, nothing prevents the purchasing. If only it could be always true!


Taking into consideration all the above mentioned information it is now your time to analyse your wishes.

It doesn’t matter what dog breed you will choose. Matters only attitude, love and care. Try to be honest to yourself and your will succeed.

Second “Layer” – Why does a man choose a certain dog breed.

It is even more difficult here:

1) Fashion for the breed.

For example, after the TV-series “Lassie”, shown in the USSR in the early 80s,  the demand for Сolies dramatically increased and after the movie “The Mask” in America there has been a boom in the Jack Russell Terriers. By the way, even more excitement to the specific breed was after the picture “101 Dalmatians.” Then even Green Peace protested and tried to dissuade the company from Walt Disney to continue filming – too many Dalmatians were put on the street or surrendered to kennels by susceptible to fashion Americans (alas, in the movie the pups look so carefree – they’re so clever but in real life a man has to teach them the rules of personal hygiene, educate etc.). This dog breed soon became readily accessible and if you see a Dalmatian half or two years old then you will definitely see a mom and her baby somewhere nearby.

This Dalmatian boy loves sticks

Dalmatian is trying to break the stick

In short, after watching successful films, where one of the main roles played by a particular breed of dog, impressionable people make their choice: “I want this, as in this classy movie.” The problems begin after – reality is not movie, because there a dog works as an actor before the camera, rehearsing dozens of times each shot with a professional trainer. So people collapse with the “prose” of life, and no romance.

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One can write a thesis upon the topic “The motivates of choosing a particular dog breed”. Any attempt to systematize thoughts and beliefs of people looks too perfunctory, but I’ll try state some most popular views upon this issue.

Bloody-minded and zombie psychologists have noticed long before that if a dog owner bother himself to answer honestly the question why he needs a dog, he would learn a lot of new and interesting things about himself (there can be revealed even some bad facts). There are huge varieties of motives why people buy a dog. And they still look like a “layer cake”.

First “Layer” – Why does a man gets himself a dog at all?

Here, at least, eight reasons:

Funny Joyful Time With Rottweiler Dog

1) Child’s dream to have a living toy.

Dog – is a dream that has come true. Often this is the motive which provokes an informed choice of a particular breed because the man had plenty of time to think over what breed he wants.




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It is not recommended to feed dogs with hot, cold, spicy, salty, fatty, sweet and smoked food. The dog must not know what hot dogs, sausages and ham are. There are many owners who can do incredible things for their beloved pets and won’t economize. But in this case, this all is in vain.

Sausage goods are poisoning for dogs. They destroy their liver, and a dog runs the risk of dying at a very young age. After all, we do not know what type of additives is used in sausages to make them look attractive.

You should exclude from a daily diet of your dog the following as well:

1) Broth, even a diet one;

2) Pork – pork is too fatty, what makes a heavy load on the liver;

3) Lamb – also is too fatty for a dog;

4) Raw freshwater fish – most of freshwater fish is contaminated with helminthes (worms). Fish should be boiled and all bones removed; Read the rest of this entry »