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It is not recommended to feed dogs with hot, cold, spicy, salty, fatty, sweet and smoked food. The dog must not know what hot dogs, sausages and ham are. There are many owners who can do incredible things for their beloved pets and won’t economize. But in this case, this all is in vain.

Sausage goods are poisoning for dogs. They destroy their liver, and a dog runs the risk of dying at a very young age. After all, we do not know what type of additives is used in sausages to make them look attractive.

You should exclude from a daily diet of your dog the following as well:

1) Broth, even a diet one;

2) Pork – pork is too fatty, what makes a heavy load on the liver;

3) Lamb – also is too fatty for a dog;

4) Raw freshwater fish – most of freshwater fish is contaminated with helminthes (worms). Fish should be boiled and all bones removed; Read the rest of this entry »