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One can write a thesis upon the topic “The motivates of choosing a particular dog breed”. Any attempt to systematize thoughts and beliefs of people looks too perfunctory, but I’ll try state some most popular views upon this issue.

Bloody-minded and zombie psychologists have noticed long before that if a dog owner bother himself to answer honestly the question why he needs a dog, he would learn a lot of new and interesting things about himself (there can be revealed even some bad facts). There are huge varieties of motives why people buy a dog. And they still look like a “layer cake”.

First “Layer” – Why does a man gets himself a dog at all?

Here, at least, eight reasons:

Funny Joyful Time With Rottweiler Dog

1) Child’s dream to have a living toy.

Dog – is a dream that has come true. Often this is the motive which provokes an informed choice of a particular breed because the man had plenty of time to think over what breed he wants.




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