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Scientists from University of California, San Diego, conducted a study to prove or disprove the popular believe that dogs and their owners are often similar in appearance. Psychologists Kristenfeld Nicholas and Michael Roy separately photographed 45 dogs and their owners, and then asked the 28 judges (student volunteers) to correlate randomly people with their dogs. The scientists then counted the percentage of matches. There were found no evidence of any similarity between the “mongrel” and their owners. So, the appearance of similarity, which is often said, could not be related to the fact that a dog and a man spent their life together.

But when when the study was condacted with of purebred dogs and owners – 28 judges guessed connection in 16 of 25 cases. One or other dog was regarded by Nicholas and Michael as such that was similar to the owner only if more than 14 judges chose the right pair.

Provided the appearance of adult purebred dogs can be foreseen at birth, the researchers found that the owners tended to subconsciously choose dogs that in some way resembled them. It is like a similarity of spouses.

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