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DOG – is the first animal domesticated by a man. It is more than a phrase saying that “A dog is a man’s best friend” is not just mere words. If you are thinking about purchasing a dog, but do not know what breed to choose, the ancient science of astrology, based on the facts of the modern dog breeding can give you a number of recommendations in accordance with your zodiac sign.

So …

A docile, friendly, unpretentious and very beautiful Husky can become a good life companion for ambitious and stubborn Aries.

Harnessed Young Husky Funny Husky Blue Eyes Husky

Gentle Giant Newfoundland is recommended to a persevering and conservative Taurus.

Good-natured, affectionate, loyal Collie (Collie Rough) will be a real friend of a non-permanent, most volatile sign of the Zodiac – Gemini. Read the rest of this entry »