One can write a thesis upon the topic “The motivates of choosing a particular dog breed”. Any attempt to systematize thoughts and beliefs of people looks too perfunctory, but I’ll try state some most popular views upon this issue.

Bloody-minded and zombie psychologists have noticed long before that if a dog owner bother himself to answer honestly the question why he needs a dog, he would learn a lot of new and interesting things about himself (there can be revealed even some bad facts). There are huge varieties of motives why people buy a dog. And they still look like a “layer cake”.

First “Layer” – Why does a man gets himself a dog at all?

Here, at least, eight reasons:

Funny Joyful Time With Rottweiler Dog

1) Child’s dream to have a living toy.

Dog – is a dream that has come true. Often this is the motive which provokes an informed choice of a particular breed because the man had plenty of time to think over what breed he wants.




Harnessed Dog


2) Will to power.

Dog – is like a perfect “slave”. The one who gets a dog, being guided by this motive (unconsciously or consciously) enjoys to punish his pet for disobedience and to see the humiliated appearance of his dog. And, if somebody points out this factor, such dog owner can even take offense and become angry with you.




Tervuren dog with his owner


3) Need to care about someone.

Dog-child – is especially true for childless couples or for couples where kind and warm relationships (mutual or on behalf of one partner) are absent. In such a situation, a person can get a dog out of pity and even pick up a four-legged creature on the street.





Labradors in Cool Collars


4) Need to have a companion.

A dog-friend, a dog-companion. Peculiar to single people with narrow range of communication – especially elderly, people experiencing problems communicating with others.





Whire Dog With Beautiful Loving Girl


5) Need in unconditional/implicit love.

A dog loves his owner not only for that he feeds him. At least, many people think so …






Summer walk in the park


6) Need to have younger members of the family.

A dog-toy. People usually buy such dogs for their small children following the whim of their baby’s “Mummy! Buy!”





Muzzled and Harnessed Pitbull Dog


7) Need to be protected.

Dog-defender, dog-guard. Ironically, such reason is not very popular. Mostly people from rural areas and those who live in private houses go by this very reason.





Belgian Malinois in Training Harness and Collar


8) Need to be realized in professional activities.

Dog-breeder, dog-workers. Such dogs are kept by professional breeders, hunters, border guards, lifeguards, and people of other occupations where dogs “work”.





Maybe now is the time to think over your own motive and to know yourself better!?

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