DOG – is the first animal domesticated by a man. It is more than a phrase saying that “A dog is a man’s best friend” is not just mere words. If you are thinking about purchasing a dog, but do not know what breed to choose, the ancient science of astrology, based on the facts of the modern dog breeding can give you a number of recommendations in accordance with your zodiac sign.

So …

A docile, friendly, unpretentious and very beautiful Husky can become a good life companion for ambitious and stubborn Aries.

Harnessed Young Husky Funny Husky Blue Eyes Husky

Gentle Giant Newfoundland is recommended to a persevering and conservative Taurus.

Good-natured, affectionate, loyal Collie (Collie Rough) will be a real friend of a non-permanent, most volatile sign of the Zodiac – Gemini.

Strong and balanced temperament of the Airedale will positively affect the sensitive and thin-skinned Cancers.

An elegant and handsome Great Dane will be an ideal dog for the Leo who is considered to be a leader. This dog will be as kind and noble as his owner.

Muzzled-Great-Dane Great_Dane Giantlike-Great-Dane-with-Harness-on

Attractive, funny and cheerful little Maltese (dog), no doubt, will get well along with intelligent and sincere Virgo.

Afghan Hound (Afghan) can easily complement generous and balanced Libra. This dog is full of self-esteem and likes comfort, while the zodiacal sign of Libra is controlled by the beauty and harmony.

The best master for the Giant Schnauzer will be Scorpio. Playful, slowly growing dog will bring harmony into the life of a person with extremes and contradictions.

Riesenschauzer Riesenschauzer with a Collar on Beautiful-Black-Riesenschauzer

Everyone’s favorite Sagittarius will mollify the fear and respectful admiration of too emotional people being along with the German Shepherd. Straightforwardness, energy, sincerity are typical for the owner and the dog.

Beauty Shepherd Harnessed Shepherd Black German Shepherd

The Rottweiler will become a good companion for the Capricorn. The dog is best trained under kind but hard treatment and there will be no problems for a simple but sometimes accused of being cold master born under the sign of Capricorn.

Muzzled Rotty Harnessed RottweilerRottweiler Eating An Icecream

Most original of all the zodiac signs Aquarius is advised to have a mongrel. This dog loves freedom as much as the representatives of the abovementioned sign. The life makes the mongrels be wiser, what is very important for Aquarius who have rather broad interests.

Pisces who prefer solitude and contemplation will perfectly get along with loyal and intelligent Doberman. Besides, this dog is a fearless and vigilant guard that harmoniously intertwines with high intuition of a man born under the sign of Pisces.

Muzzled Dobby Harnessed Doberman Dobby playing with a toy

But as you know, every dog has his own personality traits that are independent of the general description of the breed made by experts and breeders. They can be seen with the first acquaintance with an animal. If you are impressed by the appearance and temperament of a dog, don’t hesitate – he/she is yours!

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