Not everyone will take the plunge to keep a dog in a flat.

However, there are a lot of dedicated dog lovers who are ready to go to any lengths just to be with their dog.

Here are the facts about famous people and their life with dogs.

Ian Fleming always asserted that he didn’t like dogs, because once he had been seriously bitten by a basset of his father. But in fact there always were two or three dogs around him, especially after he built his own house and called it “Golden Eye.” By the way, a friend of Fleming, Noel Coward, called this house “Golden Eye, Nose and Throat” as the house reminded him of a hospital.

Kennedy wasn’t able to keep dogs because of allergy. A Dachshund puppy, which he bought while traveling in Europe and wanted to present to his girlfriend, made him suffer so much that the dog had to be left in Biarritz. Later Kennedy kept the German Sheppard in the White House.

Picasso kept a Boxer John and a sweet but totally uncontrolled Dalmatian Piero. Picasso’s beloved Dachshund was named Lump. However the main dog for Picasso was Afghan hound named Kazbek. Picasso kept Kazbek in Paris during the Nazi occupation.

Dog lovers were Paul McCartney and Elvis Presley. Elvis at the beginning of his career appeared everywhere with a tiny dog of his mother nicknamed Sweet Pea. The favorite of McCartney was named Martha. It was very difficult to walk Martha in London because McCartney was constantly chased by a crowd of fans.

Gregory Peck personally fed the puppies of his German Shepherd named Slip from the bottle. One day she gave birth to thirteen pups and there was not enough of milk for all.

A white Poodle which Frank Sinatra presented to Marilyn Monroe was named Maf. Sinatra joked in such a way about the fact that he had always been accused of having links with the mafia. Sinatra’s last wife, Barbara Marx, kept a lot of dogs which she picked up on the street. One of these dogs Spaniel named King Charles always barked when Sinatra sang.

The dogs of Sylvester Stallone are able to read futurity. At least his mother says so and insists that these were her dogs which predicted the victory of George Walker Bush in the presidential election in the U.S. twice. The personal dog of Stallone Bullmastiff starred in “Rocky”. The dog is listed in credits by the name Batkusa Stallone.

One of the most famous movie comic actor Buster Keaton kept St. Bernards named Elmer and Barr, Belgian Shepherd named Captain and Irish Wolfhound named Trotsky.

Yves Saint Laurent always had French Bulldogs which as they were passing away and then new ones appeared were named Moujik, Moujik II and Moujik III. The third Moujik had bitten a famous writer Leslie White because he bolt him out while interviewing Yves Saint Laurent.

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